Christmas – The Magical Time!


The chill, the burning fumes that fills the air, nice round cauliflowers and reddish orange carrots, the search through wardrobes for woolens, the putting away of the cottons, the refreshing taste of coffee and being snug and cozy, shopping for the Christmas trees and lights and sweets are the things that makes waiting for Christmas a fun-filled and hopeful journey. Someone unseen showers love and warmth while everything around us transforms into the most magical time of the year. Is it Jesus or is it Santa or is it the love of Mother Mary that wraps the world in a soft sweetness of giving and caring and lights up all that is dark with moments fresh like the early morning air? Whoever it is that spins the magic, Christmas has and will always have special place for me.

Studying in a school and later in a college that followed Christianity got me acquainted with the essence of Christmas from a very early age. To me, Christmas is synonymous with Annual School concerts with new pretty dresses to wear every year and beautiful hymns to sing, fruit cakes, numerous little gifts, college fests with endless festivities, midnight masses, clear skies, Orion’s belt and shooting stars, soft yellow candle lights making the streets and houses glow, decorated Christmas trees and a long winter vacation with lazy mornings and lazier afternoons!

Christmas is here – just around the corner, and my heart feels nostalgic and overflows with joy as I await to celebrate it one more time.


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