Round Peg in Square Hole

View of Capri

View of Capri (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever since my childhood, I knew I was more like a round peg in square hole and never really fit into the normal scheme of thoughts and things, always arguing and asking “WHY” about the matters of everyday life that were much accepted by one and all living around me. The questions inevitably did not have answers and they remained just what they started as – questions.

During my graduation years, I came across a short story, a very famous one, by Somerset Maugham: The Lotus Eater. The character of Thomas Wilson,  someone who dared to lose himself away from the world he knew and into the arms of the love for Capri, came alive from the pages of my book. Many would call him a drifter and loser in life, but to me he was always that one person who could do what others perhaps would love to do but would not or perhaps cannot – break free.

Graduation led to Post Graduation and a series of other courses followed, which in turn led to full time well paid jobs. But there was no respite from the feeling of restlessness and I spent sleepless nights wondering, “What is it that I want?” and suddenly a realization dawned upon me. I wanted to break free or let my mind break free. The mindless working hours slogging to do something that I did not like, took the zeal of life from me but the idea of doing something that I love to do without caring much about others perception of the same, made me find myself once again.

Writing and doing something creative is something that has been the closest to me and there could not have been a better place than this to put down my thoughts, which are untamed and ideas, which are hidden away somewhere. No matter what life brings along, I shall continue to write and share a view of the world through my mind’s eye.


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