Travel and Camera linked forever


When I was little, I loved posing for my uncle to click a few nice pictures and when I traveled with my parents, I saw them carrying cameras although they were not photography enthusiasts. I asked myself, “Why a camera?” Much later when I had one for my own, I gradually realized that camera is is much about documentation – at least for all the lesser mortals. I started clicking every time I traveled and sometimes, even when I didn’t – to document what I saw. But somehow I felt something was missing.

Then, I met a friend – my husband – a photographer, who not only made me fall in love with him, but also with the way he saw the world. That is when, I saw through my heart – all things that were not meant to be seen through the ordinary eyes, the patterns in things that were not otherwise pleasing, the symmetry in things otherwise asymmetrical, unseen beauty in things otherwise too plain to be noticed. The wild flowers, a tiny insect, the droplets in rain showers, the love birds’ secret, the sun setting in the eye, the stars moving slowly in the sky, a stray dog I loved and perhaps will never find again, the harvest and the pretty grains, the moss that gathers on walls, the bird sits in a little tree hole and calls , the hopeful smile of a hungry child, the squirrel with its fresh new find.

Now in all my travels, my camera is linked forever as I wait patiently for that one moment that will make me smile suddenly, that one moment that will let me discover a whole new world where I least expect it, that one moment where I will feel blessed to be part of a world that has so much to give and so much to see. Travel is incomplete with a friend and there is no better than a camera. Yes, you can appreciate everything around with your eyes but the human memory isn’t strong enough to keep all the memories and moments safe inside. When the moment is long gone and forgotten, when age has taken its toll, you will come across the pictures and suddenly all that you forgot will come back rushing in and you will travel back in time, re-living all those moments yet once again.


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