Stop thinking! Start Clicking!

Last year when I gave my mother-in-law a compact camera on her birthday, she got very worried and said almost immediately, “O My! What will I do with this? I do not know any thing about Photography!” But we just smiled and reassured her that she should stop thinking and just start clicking!


A surprise awaited us when we went back to visit her this year and found that she had managed to take quite a few good photographs of things she liked, some dishes she had cooked, some events she visited and some every day items. We were overjoyed and so was she. Proudly she said, “I did not know it was this easy!”


I am no professional in the field of photography and perhaps worse than an experienced amateur. But I am just someone who loves to capture moments that may not be there for me the next time I blink. I do not know much about aperture or shutter speed but I do know a few simple things that allow me and many others to simply click. In this world of smart phones and tabs and all the other gadgets, taking a picture is perhaps no great deal. Even with all those gadgets around, for me, nothing can beat the feel of a camera hanging around the neck, the different buttons that let you do so many different things and the very sight of it inside my travel bag. Somehow, the presence of a camera gives a sense of completion to my travel plans.



Many around me, including myself, have wondered what can be done to make a picture – perfect. But often trying to think and putting that thought into the moment of shooting kill its beauty and magic. A baby monkey might be sitting right there posing for you, but when you try to think too much about the angle and the background and everything else except that main object, the pigeon will be gone long before you know it! Not everyone is a professional model! No matter where you are, or where you go, remember to keep your shooting (photo) machine handy – as you never know what is coming.



Starting to click, overcoming all the fears, is important and everything else follows. Until you start, you never know if you really love photography or have a passion for it. Until you start you will not learn more because your experiments will open up new challenges and questions and then you start asking. No one can teach you how to frame a picture through the lens of the camera. It is your heart and the image created by your mind’s eye along with the know-how of basic usage of the camera that will guide to at every step. And yes, if you have bought a new one, never forget the user manual at home. A steady hand, an open mind and eyes for details are all you need to start. Don’t wait for 60 years like my mother-in-law, to let your heart see more than what is on the surface. Start now – the world awaits you!



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