My New Year Resolution

Firstly, Happy New Year to all my friends and fellow-bloggers. Hope the year started off on a good note for at least most of you. I have been away for quite sometime as I was busy traveling and attending to guests over the last few weeks. Every year, I think of some resolution that I mean to achieve. But this year has been different. My new year resolution has gone under the layers of blankets and suddenly I can’t find it any longer. So, I should consider – it is lost.

But how I lost my resolution is another story altogether. My city or should I say, the entire country has suddenly become unsafe for us women. The society seems to be reeling around one incident of gang-rape of the medical student on a cold, lonely Delhi night. This is one incident that shook the nation and united it in one voice of rebellion. A surge of emotions took over me – once cursing the culprits behind the heinous deed and next, feeling a deep sadness for the girl who had to meet such a brutal fate.

I suddenly realized the futility of all our plans and resolutions. The girl, before leaving the house that morning, could not have foreseen the change of events later that day that took her life. She must have had plans, beautiful dreams and some resolution for the coming year. But these plans and resolutions did not help her at the crucial moment. Today, a life has been lost and millions are waiting to be lost in my country, where on one hand female deities are worshiped and on the other, female infanticide still rule the order of the day in many rural areas.

Considering all that has happened in the past, I decided to put all my resolutions away and even before I knew, my resolution was gone! But now, I must live life fearlessly, taking life each day as it comes and spending each moment of life with those closest to me; and do things  that have been dear to my heart, every waking hour. Much like the metaphysical poets, I have made “Carpe Diem” the theme of my life. I must seize the day with its innumerable possibilities before someone else seizes and destroys it forever. No one has the right to my life but me!


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