A Homeless Lonely Hungry Kitty Finds Home


On the afternoon of 21st June 2011 I was returning home from my parents’ place knowing that I will not be back for a few weeks now. The drizzle had stopped and I decided to walk home from the main road and I love this walk as this time of the day is usually very peaceful with most people preferring to stay indoors. As I turned round the corner, to my bewilderment I saw a tiny kitten, drenched and shivering and meowing in a small voice – trying frantically to get attention from passersby. But alas! no one cared. My eyes met his, and then in a split second, the poor creature was at my feet, rubbing and meowing and stretching. It was … so very lovely. His grey-black coat was wet and he was shivering from the cold. I didn’t know what to do but something from deep inside asked me to pick him up and there he was, in my arms kneading my palms, reaching for my face as if he has found a long-lost friend, as if he was waiting for me, as if he knew I would pass this way… as if we were destined to meet.

I knew I would face a tough challenge trying to convince everyone at home to keep him…I knew there would be objections but I did not think twice and holding the sweet little bundle in my arms, headed for home. I sneaked into my room, hoping my in-laws would not see the kitten. I offered him some milk. He was terribly hungry and drank most of what was offered to him.. but perhaps due to starvation and dehydration, his tummy soon started giving trouble. I had to take a decision, now that I knew the kitty was  unwell. I spoke to my in-laws but they refused to keep him as they did not want to keep another pet after the death of their beloved German Shepherd.

I could not give the kitty away or leave it on the road knowing so well that he needed me and he was only a month old perhaps and an attachment was already forming between us… I could not let him go!!!! I was in tears as a decision was needed to be made urgently and no one would help. I knew the only way to save his life was to give him to a shelter perhaps but it was already quite late in the evening and none of the shelters would answer calls. So I had to keep the kitty for a night or two until I could find a permanent shelter for him, but how could I keep him?

Making a call to my mom seemed to be the last option and I pinned all my hopes on this. My loving Sandy, my pet cat of 5 years, had passed away last December due to some unknown reason and this had left my entire family emotionally shattered. We had decided that there would be none other to replace her… there will never be any one as beautiful, as loving, as warm, as understanding as Sandy. I was worried that my mom may just say “NO” about keeping this little kitty… even for a day. But somehow, when I told her the details and explained the urgency of the situation, she agreed to keep him for two days. I was overjoyed and soon got a shoe box and after making holes in them, put the little baby inside. I went out immediately and took a cab to my parents’ place.

That entire night and the whole of the next day, the kitten didn’t sleep for a moment as he was too frightened. I sat up whole night; giving him medicines for his troubled tummy and holding him close to keep him warm. He kneaded on my skin and nibbled my ear lobes all the time … perhaps he thought I was his mother! O! How wonderful it was to hold him, to feel his warmth and to know that his shivering has stopped. He was happy to be here, to be with me and my parents.

For the next three days, I tried to contact every friend and shelter manager but luck never favored as everyone refused to take him. Looking at the situation and for the love they felt toward him, my parents eventually decided to keep him. Now, he has got a loving home and very caring parents… he loves my mom’s lap and all the food given to him… he is now a part of my family, a part of me. He enjoys each day as it comes… he is growing up to be extremely playful and affectionate!!! We have named him “REX” but “KUTTU” is what we call him at home as he is so very cute!!!


I don’t think there is anything in the world as satisfying as giving a homeless a home, someone hungry some food and most importantly, someone unloved, the love that is craved for.

So what change have you made to the world, in your own way? Would love to hear your story.


3 comments on “A Homeless Lonely Hungry Kitty Finds Home

  1. There are so many strays around here. I feed two cats born last year to a stray female cat who was caught and adopted. But her kittens are now having kittens. Neither of the two who come round for food will let me go near them, but what’s going to happen when the little female brings her kittens round too? The cycle is endless unless you can catch them and sterilise them.


  2. Hi Jane, thank you very much for reading my post and leaving a comment. It’s great to know about your kitty. Your deed was really kind. My kitty has grown up, big and strong. I wish I could find home for all strays in my area. I hope to work on it and fulfill at least a part of this dream in the near future.


  3. We have three strays picked up from the street. The last one was in a terrible state, a kitten so skinny and feeble she could hardly stand, her fur was dropping out and she was so full of worms she had to be wormed twice. The vet didn’t think she would live. She did though, and she is a lovely sweet little thing. You’re right, there’s not much more rewarding than giving a lost animal a home.


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