Coping with Life in a New City

Sunset from terrace

Sunset from terrace

For someone who has lived in one city for more than twenty years, the going gets tough when suddenly that someone has to leave to live in a new city. I relocated but with it came depression and a feeling of “where am I?” The first few days flew with the blink of an eye as they were filled with countless activities – receiving goods, buying new stuffs for the house, setting up the kitchen and with all these, setting up my mind and getting prepared for whatever was about to come next. And what came next was not very pleasant: harsh winter in a dry city, which I was not prepared for. God seemed to be cruel and conspiring against me. The days were punctuated by long hours of power-cuts, which made living in the rooms unbearable due to the cold. I was forced to stay out on the terrace for much of the daytime, taking pleasure in the warmth of the bright sun. This is when I began to see things differently. I knew life had to go on and so suddenly decided to make the most of whatever came my way. The days that followed were spent by:

  • Watching birds, especially the tiny ones that chirped all day and the green free parrots that spoke relentlessly, giving me company
  • Smelling the air that brought in nature’s fragrances
  • Admiring the white cotton clouds that changed shapes every now and then
  • Watching amazing sunsets that painted the sky purple and red
  • Interacting with stray dogs, feeding them and making them the closest friends of lonely times
  • Talking to a pigeon that made a nest in the chimney, hearing her feed her chicks and seeing her teach her babies to fly with utmost pleasure
  • Shooting images of all kinds of subjects like abstracts, nature, insects and candle light
  • Reading books, especially the motivating ones that helped me gain more confidence

When the lights came back and the interiors were warm enough, I tried out innumerable recipes – a new one each day

Between all these activities, I tried to learn something new every day – about blogging, about freelancing, about marketing, about animals or new destinations and about the goodness of yoga. I also took up work from home options and enjoyed the freedom of working independently. The relocation helped me gain valuable experience, which in turn gradually taught me to cope with life in a new city.

My Pigeon Friend

My Pigeon Friend

People around the world get caught in the web of depression and often take their own lives when they go to a new city or are left on their own.  I wonder why? There is so much to do, so much to learn, so much to take care of, so much to change and so much to love. One lifetime is not enough to delve into the depths of all that the world has to give. So we must always try to search for all the gifts hidden in all that is mundane.


5 comments on “Coping with Life in a New City

  1. I think most cultures have a prejudice against black animals, cats in particular. You’d think we’d have grown out of that by now.


  2. Thank you Jane. I am somehow always drawn to animals everywhere I go. It is really sad that some cultures do despise many of them. A black stray cat pay daily visit to my house for her dinner and she is so beautiful and loving but our society associates black cats with everything evil. It is so very sad that we discriminate animals too on the basis of their colour.


  3. You are so right, Debolina. It’s the small things that make every day wonderful. I’m so pleased to hear that you have the guts to get to know the animals that are so often despised in many cultures, and to see the beauty in them.


  4. Thanks for leaving a comment and reading my blog. All I can say is never close the doors…especially of your heart and mind. The possibilities are truly endless and it is up to us to make the most of them. I had problems in starting anew but I always told myself – it is never too late.


  5. I am lost in the city I never left. Just moved to a part that asks for a different part of me. I can’t find this part or where I am going, so I close the door and go everywhere else. You inspire me, It is a new month, hope. my empty blog remains alone and unhappy, challenged. I have written in it thirty times, you know, the letter you never mail.? It may find entrance, a possibility, where once it had so much hope and style. still just a chicken. thanks. Your attitude has gumption and your a fighter, there is no room in this world for loneliness when there are so many possibilities, just like you said!!


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