A Little Lost Soul

A little lost soul weak with fear

Living in the corner all alone,

Starving each day with no one near

As mother said goodbye forever.

The little lost soul awaited her doom

Fighting hunger, thirst and fever;

Just round the corner,

On a heap of broken glasses

The broken soul slept alone

No one to protect, no one to hold.

The dark days got darker

The vision slowly blurred,

The little soul slowly crept away

Out of the body, to where mother was.

One day a gentle giant saw the little soul –

Touched with love, reached out little hands

Pleading to take her, heal her wounds.

The giant took her, gave a light of hope

As it found a home in the giant’s arms

In soothing friendship’s gentle warmth.

The broken glasses, hunger and thirst

Fear, weakness, visions blurred

Said goodbye to the little soul

Who was lost no more.


But happiness does not last forever

The little soul awaits a future

Where she will be lost yet again;

The giant says it can never –

Keep her sheltered or protect her or be the giver

Forever in to the years to come,

As the giant home will disappear

Like some magic chant, into the dead

Of the hollow tomorrow.

The lost soul is now not lost

But will be lost again

She needs another gentle giant

To take her home and soothe

Her little lost soul.


Where is the gentle giant?

Only in the world of fantasy

Or love and tenderness can be seen

In this world too, in the world of uncertainties?

Is there no place on earth for this little lost soul…

Where she can live without dread of being alone

In the cold of the night, with no one to hold?

She cries into the dark foreverness

She longs for a place

Which she can call her home, where she will be loved again.


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