A Little Soul Lost


A little soul at the window –

Looking out at the world she adores,

Little she knows how the world will be lost,

The giant she loves will be gone.

The April rain asked if she wants to stay

Or will her mamma take her away?

She looked out puzzled

Didn’t know what to say –

She loved her mamma but also the giant too well;

Little she knows there will be no place

With the giant in the whole big world, she could not guess

Nor could she hear the problems faced by all around her

For no one could keep her, or give her place.

And then, just then, someone far away, 

Heard the little soul, her little voiceless call …

Someone thought this world is too dark for her,

A voice called; a whisper led her – to her fall…

As the gentle giant turned away.

The little soul fell … and fell and just as she thought

She would hit ground with a thud, little white wings grew out of her

And she flew, free forever, away from the unloving world –

To a world where mamma waited for her,

Where someone reached out and secured her in the warmth of eternal love.

And just when the little soul was lost to the world,

Soft sadness rolled out and fell into the endless abyss

Of torment, pulled in deeper by the sea of loneliness.

The gentle giant knows it will forever burn,

In emptiness, now that the little soul will never turn,

To run back into its arm or shower her selfless love.

A bond is broken, trust betrayed –

And yet, just yet,

The gentle giant will wait … till the little soul returns

To fill its garden with rainbow love

And its life with a thousand suns.


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