A dreamer – is what I call myself, who loves to float along with the clouds or soar high on the wings of imagination. And yet a part of me remains firmly grounded to where my heart belongs – my home. I live my life with passion for everything I believe in and love: Travel, music, creativity, nature, causes, animals, family. Our life is too short to explore all the possibilities it bestows on us, but it is up to us to see and feel as much as we can when we live.

So I have tried my hand at writing and traveling as well as working full time in travel agencies and bigger corporates. Now I am exploring the work of freelancing by writing articles for websites on freelance basis. I believe in keeping some time for myself and doing what ever I feel to be interesting like learning new languages, picking up a song or taking photographs or reading about different destinations and designing travel itineraries for family and friends and I am loving it!


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