Four Little Steps


You called my name

I heard from afar

I had searched yet never found –

Love that was the same

In the years gone by.

Sweet and untainted

Honest and uncomplicated…

You come near, I am drawn to you

The warmth of your breath

Melts with tears unrestrained

From these eyes in hopelessness;

We utter no sound

Yet, our silence is spoken aloud….

Desperate to break

The chains invisible.

No!  The steps that will take me to you

Your arms of tender love

I cannot take,

For lines between us are drawn by those

Who never knew the love

Between me and you.

For they are fools

To not know,

In our heart and veins

Run the color red – 

The color of love,

Power and endurance.

They are fools indeed, 

To never realize 

That love transcends all

And in the life after

Nothing can hold us

From taking the four little steps,


From taking your hand in mine, 

And soaring in the sky

Above the blue seas

Chasing sunrise

Into the horizon;

No more bindings,

No tears or distance,

Only the glow of the day

And a million starry nights,

Sweet nothings, smiles so carefree,

A thousand little dreams,

And only you and me.



SMILE – A Little Big Word

I am just a girl. Or should I say a woman, all grown up after living on this planet for more than 30 years. Like everybody else, I have been through a lot too.  May be, my grey days have been a little less here and a little more than others there. But, there is no way of escaping the wrath of ‘fate’. It may come to us in all forms, shapes and sizes.  During those bad times, I wondered if there is anything at all that I can do to escape the perpetual feeling of being sad. I made an attempt to overcome and others helped me to get out of it. How? With the help of a little and yet a very important gesture called ‘SMILE.’


Smile at a stranger

When someone held out a hand or just smiled while passing by – I felt HAPPY, in those times of distress. I still do. I remember so many incidents from the days of my work as a tour leader of a large group, traveling in foreign lands not knowing people to fall back on. Every time on those long journeys, I genuinely felt the importance of the word, smile. There were those times when my back hurt or the expectations of my guests were blown too much out of proportion or I simply missed home terribly. Just then, suddenly, out of nowhere, unexpectedly, a stranger would come to me, smiling broadly, asking excitedly – if she can click a photo with me!!  A chord was struck instantly. I felt alive again – sitting with her, posing for a photo.


Taking photo with a stranger

There was another incident, when I could not get up on to the upper bunk. It was in a soft sleeper coach of a train, on my way from Xian to Beijing in China. My muscles gave away and I was too tired to move. I needed some sleep desperately. But I just could not manage to climb up! At that very moment, like an angel in the darkest hour, a Chinese girl, sitting on the upper bunk opposite mine, understood my problem. She convinced one of her family members to take the upper bunk, so I could sleep in the lower. Her smile that night, on a moving train, in the middle of no-where, soothed me and lulled me to sleep. The next morning, still on the train, her family offered breakfast to me. It didn’t matter that none of us understood what we said. There was the unspoken language of smile and selflessness that linked us. Just when we were finally parting ways, she came running to me on the platform, to bid me a smiling goodbye.


My smiling friends

These have been just two of such many moments, when I realized, more than any other time that there is nothing as beautiful as a smile. It can light up the darkest moments in a person’s life. It should not matter whether others are smiling back at us … all that should matter is that we are always smiling at others. A smile can melt the hardest hearts, heal the deepest wounds. We should always try to carry the lamp of happiness within and keep its warm flame burning. As we are wrapped in the soft glow of giving, in the form of a smile or a little love or a helping hand or anything else, soon we will see, there are many bright lights around… smiling back at us.

Share your experiences with me too. I would love to know how we are all connected through smiles!

Little Heart


A little heart, afraid to trust

The first steps on earth…

A little fear, an unknown flutter inside

Tiny wobbly unsure of touch

Little steps, one at a time

A small smile accepting

Touch of love

Jumping, running, tossing, turning,

Playful in its merry self

Oblivious to the unknown

A step was taken –

A step too long into the darkness

But soon the light shone..

The light of everlasting happiness

In the soft arms of tender love.

The little heart now drifted

Into tiny dreams

Smiling inwardly…

Sleeping tenderly,

No fear will ever touch

The little heart that feared.




A Waiting



The heart moved slow

Losing its beat,

A song of life

Accepting defeat,

The mind could not feel

The rhythm of its surroundings

Visions were blurred

But something far far away

Strained its strings…

A waiting for the last song

Touch of the known

Voice of someone close

What is it? Who was it?

The eyes could not tell

The ears never heard

A smile was not formed

By the curling of lips

Joy could not find voice

Nor was there a stir …

Only the soul felt the warmth

Of that known soul

Bound alone by the music of love,

Of faith & trust.

A little sign found its way –

An great effort was made

 To show happiness that was known

Someday, in a land too far away.

A ripple of soothing calm

Drowned all sorrows

No grief touched

Only a release from

The ties on earth;

A love was felt,

No pains remained – 

And yes, at last

A waiting will be no more…

At last amidst the heaven above

A home was found.



Wish You A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

christmas 3.jpg

I was taught the Christmas carol, ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’, in junior school. This time of the year – Christmas – was full of happiness and laughter. Many memories are still fresh in my mind – our annual school festival, the winter vacation that followed, visiting St. Paul’s Cathedral and the lovely aroma of freshly baked Christmas cakes everywhere, especially in New Market, the oldest market in my city, Kolkata and my dearest till date. The city used to be adorned with beautiful lights, much like in the present years, only without the extravagant pomp. Christmas trees, small or large, graced the homes of many Calcuttans. Archies and Hallmark Card Galleries flooded with people buying pretty holiday cards for teachers, friends, lovers, spouses, children and neighbors. That was a fun-filled time and I always looked forward to the warmth of Christmas.

During the years when I grew up, from a little skinny fuzzy headed kid to a fluffy, fuzzy headed adult, I gradually realized that Christmas is and never was and perhaps never will be a happy time for all, as it was for me. There are not-so-well-to-do parents who feel pressurized at the thoughts of getting gifts for their children; there are orphans who long for the company of their parents on Christmas and there are countless homeless people, lying somewhere cold and hungry and wondering where the Christmas Angel is or where their savior can be found. Though such thoughts make me sad and though most of the greeting card shops have vanished gradually over the years, Christmas for me, was and will always be joyous. Every year, I feel a tug of nostalgia at my heart – nostalgic strings tied deep into many years gone by. Christmas is a happy time for me, as it fills me with a certain childlike glee and I feel like a little kid again. I pray for all those who have not been blessed so and hope some of my happiness and the glow of candles that light up the churches will be passed on to them by the good angels of love and care.

Christmas is closely followed by New Year. Every New Year brings with it, its own share of happiness and unhappiness. For most of us, a year is anything but a completely happy one. There will always be problems with studies, jobs or relationships; some of our extremely loved ones will perhaps go away forever; there will be struggle, loneliness, illness and a lot of sadness to be dealt with. Add to all these, the natural calamities and political disturbances that are beyond our control. Yet, I do not want to lose hope. No one should lose hope as the new calendar year begins. Every religious belief and philosopher advise us to be positive and look forward, gaining strength from all the bad that has happened in life, taking one little step at a time toward the silver lining that might be seen someday. There is no harm in being positive for one day amidst all the negativities gnawing at us from all directions. So I smile today against all odds and wish everyone who is reading this and even those who are not, Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year. I hope that the year ahead will give everyone good reasons to rejoice!


The Art of Living through Giving

Light of faith

This is the Easter week that started on 5th April – signifying the resurrection of Christ – Christ, who took the burden of our Cross upon himself to deliver us from sins and evil. Christ preached to follow in the footsteps of love, care and sharing. He told us to give in an unselfish way. He also said that those who believed in him will live forever. I did not understand much of these before, but as time passes and I see more of life and the world, I slowly realize the deep truth in faith, love and the art of giving.

Having received education in institutions that predominantly believed in Christianity, the name of Jesus Christ got embedded somewhere inside of me. I belonged and still belong to a family that follows Hinduism. I was always confused if I should believe more in the religion that I was born into or the religion I grew up with in school and college. Now, suddenly, many things become clear. I now know that in order to believe in certain faith, I do not necessarily have to convert. I can take the good from all the religions and consciously discard what I do not approve of.

I believe in Christ when he says give unto others, share, care and walk in the path of love and have faith in Him and through Him in the Almighty. I believe in Krishna, when he says do what has been given unto you, do all work faithfully without asking or expecting anything in return. When I merge the two thoughts, what I get is – Give and love without expecting anything in return as this reinforces our faith in the Almighty. By giving in good faith, whatever little we can, we give a part of ourselves. And even when we are no more present in the world, our little good deed remains in those we gave to and we keep living forever through giving. The spirit of sharing and caring can bridge hearts filled with hatred, can bring back faith in those who no longer believed in the omnipotent power and can restore peace in the most unstable situations.

However, the art of living through giving does not come easily or without pain. We are often misunderstood, often criticized but we should never stop giving, no matter what the situation is. To love is a joyous feeling and to give with love without selfish reasons is a feeling that transcends all other emotions.


Love does’nt always need Words



As we walk along the path of life, we come cross many definitions of the word ‘love’. The word has just four letters and yet these four letters are strong enough to keep up alive – sometimes when we are down or depressed and sometimes when we are spend time with our special someone – our parents, partners, siblings, friends or our pets. To me, love is defined by the feeling that is so strong that it overwhelms us and overcomes all other emotions. It is a feeling that makes someone neglected feels they belong somewhere. It is a feeling that touches in more than one way the lives of those who give and those who receive. A very insignificant little being made me realize that love can also evoke humility in our heart – in a strange way that defies all reasons.

Four months ago, just as winter was saying ‘Hi’ to the city of Kolkata, in an abandoned house opposite my residence, three little four-legged sisters were born to a mother who looked much undernourished. The tiny puppies ignored the fact that they did not get fed by their mother and ran around playfully, enjoying the bliss of each others’ company. We felt sorry for the state that they were in and gradually I and my family decided to give them food each day. The mother along with their babies enjoyed the warmth of the food that was offered to them on the cold days and nights. Suddenly, their happiness seemed to disappear little at a time, as one puppy came under the tyres of a car and another suddenly fell very ill and perished within a few weeks. Now, the last puppy was too lonely as she did not have anyone to play with. Her mother seemed to have been in a lot of emotional stress. She missed her lost puppies and gave up eating gradually.

I went close to her and tried to console her in whatever way possible. Slowly she began taking her food again but her health did not recover. The lack of emergency services for animals in my city only added to her woes. I could not get to anyone who could help. For days together I tried to give her little food and medicines that were known to me. One night in February 2015, after having her food, she came close to me and touched my right leg with her head and stood still that way for what seemed a very long time, although it might have been just a few minutes. I felt something being conveyed to me – her pain or loss or gratitude … what was it? I could not understand her silent whispers. All I could do was pet her on the skeletal head and talk a little. By this time, she has turned into a bag of bones and skin, with no flesh or fat. I was too helpless to do anything at all. I prayed that she be either healed or relieved from her distress. And someone up there did listen … only to the last part of my prayer

For the next three days, I did not see her anywhere. I tried to search for her in every nook and corner of the streets and lanes and houses that lined the streets. But it did not help. One day, in the morning of 27th February 2015, I saw her lying still in-front of the gate of my house. I do not know when she breathed her last. But I knew she took her last breath outside my gate. Perhaps, she knew that this was the only place that had a soul that loved her, fed her and petted her. In those moments, she did not have to tell me in words about her feelings for me, but by dragging herself to where she laid still told me in a hundred thousand silent words, that she loved me and she thanked me for all I did for her. She humbled me with this little gesture and her love is something that will remain with me for rest of my life. Since she was a stray, she had no place to go, no one to call her own. Her life was as insignificant to the world as that of a fly, but she has touched a very special place in my heart and she will remain there forever.